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H & O Distribution offers state-of-the-art warehouse management systems. We at H&O Distribution have invested in the future of not only ourselves but our customers by partnering with Manhattan Associates© to deliver a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution.  Here are some questions you may have for us, and how our WMS can answer them:

  • Will I be forced to make any changes because of this new WMS?
    If you chose to forego using our exceptional on-line web portal, you will notice no change in the way you do business with H&O Distribution.  We are working to make this transition as seamless as possible, and you can rest assured that nothing will be stopping us from making sure your day to day transactions are carried out on time.

  • “On-Line Web Portal,” how does that help me from an Inventory standpoint?
    Our online web-portal provides you instant and real-time access to your transactions going on inside our four walls.  As a 3PL we recognize that part of our customers hesitation is losing visibility of their valuable commodities, and with our new WMS your fears can be calmed!  At any time of the day or night you can receive any information you need on your product, and certain visibility options can be added or subtracted upon your request.

  • “On-Line Order Entry,” how does this help me?
    While you can still choose to fax or e-mail your orders to us, we now have the ability for you to enter the orders you need picked, received or repacked via the web.  Unlike traditional order entry methods, these orders are sent directly from your finger tips to the warehouse floor, where they are placed in queue based upon scheduled ship time etc.

  • My company has a host-ERP system we use, can H&O interface with it?
    Without even knowing what system you are using, the answer is YES!  Manhattan Associates is certified with several of the big name ERP systems on the market, however this is not where their expertise ends.  By us pairing with a large company like Manhattan they have the ability to interface with ANY system on the market or even home-grown; thus eliminating the burden of order entry and costly hours of clerical work: saving you money!

  • I have a customer who wants to see their goods in your warehouse, what are my options?
    Most Warehouse Management Systems provide only for a 3PL’s customers to have access to their information their systems.  With Manhattan WMS, we can provide unique user ID and password to your customer allowing them to see only quantities and inventories that belong to them.  Also, your customer can set-up order entry through us, allowing for us to begin picking and shipping their order while our system sends you notification of this via a e-mail or through interfacing generates the transaction in your ERP system just like if they had called you directly.  This means you maintain control of credit limits, quantities etc., while eliminating costly multiple data entries in the supply-chain process.

  • A new trend are these “E-Marketplace” set-ups, can H&O make this possible for me?
    Yes!  H&O can establish a web-site for you that your customers can utilize allowing for them to view images of products, specify shipping information, and generate an order all without your customer ever knowing they were dealing with a third party provider.

  • All of this sounds good, but I have a more specific question?
    Whether you yourself or your IT department have a question pertaining to our Warehouse Management System and how your company will interact with it in the future, you can contact Brant Osborne at or at 513.870.5861 and we can start answering your questions today!

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